Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm Gonna Be a Football Star

Mommy made me into her fantasy football team mascot!

We're the MC Mad Catz!

If this doesn't work, she's going to delete this post so you probably won't see it anyway!

But if you do, that means it worked and we're happy!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hi Everbuddy!

Hi guys, it's Scooter!! I know it's been a LONG time since I blogged, but we've been busy at our house. The main reason I'm jumping in today is cuz I have an announcement to make...

My Mommy has a NEW BLOG!!!

And it's an awesome blog. You can find her at

So, head over and follow her there, so you can keep up with our busy lives. Mom decided to combine ALL of her many blogs into just one, so you can bet I'll make appearances on Abby Gabs, too!

Don't worry, FatKat Kronicles isn't going no wheres....we'll be back occasionally to check in and say hi! Hope everyone is doing a-ok!!!


Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Mischief

My Mommy says that Santa Paws can see everything. She says that Santa is always watchin', and that if I'm a bad little Scooter, that I won't get no tooterfish in my stockin' on Kwismas mornin'. According to My Mommy, these are the things I'm not supposed to do if I want to get tooterfish for Kwismas:

1. Chew on the Kwismas tree (including all it's parts...tree skirt, branches, and ornaments.)
2. Beat up on my brofurs, Dizzy, Harry and Pip
3. Climb up on the bookcase in Mommy's bedroom and knock stuff over at 2 a.m.
4. Knock over Dad's robots
5. Climb into the Kwismas tree from the all-too-convenient windowsill access point.

Ummm....does this mean Santa Paws isn't comin' to visit this year?


Monday, December 6, 2010

Scooter's Favorite Christmas Songs, Part One---Jingle Bells

Mommy: Ladies and gentlemen, we here at the FatKat Kronicles would like to introduce you to our Kitty Cat Christmas Concert Series, Part One. Please sit back and enjoy while Scooter delights you with a few of his favorite Christmas standards.

: : whispers "Scoot, are you ready?" : :

Alright, here we go. Ahem. *Taps director's wand on the stand* And a one, and a two, and a one, two, three, four....

"Tooter Fish, Tooter Fish,
You're my favorite treat!
Santa Claws, won't you please bring
A case or two for me..."

"OHHHH Tooter Fish, Tooter Fish
Santa, do you hear?
I want forty-seven cans
For Christmas gifts this year!"

"Broiled or baked or stewed,
Tuna is my favorite food,
I'd eat it everyday,
If I could have my way....
My stocking is so bare,
And it's just hanging there,
Waiting for Good Ol' St. Nick
To fill it up real quick....

WIIIIIITH Tooter Fish, Tooter Fish
Tooter Fish I say!
I hope Santa packs his bag
With Tuna Christmas Day!

"OOHHHH Tooter Fish, Tooter Fish
Santa, hear my tune.
Please oh please bring Tooter Fish
'Cuz I've been good since June!"

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: : Scooter takes a bow. : :

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy December, Everbuddy!

Hello, friends! It's ME, Scooter! Remember me? It's been a SOOPER-DOOPER long time since Mommy and me wrote a blog for our bloggy pals. We've been kinda busy.

See, our Daddy got sick. And he had to go to the vet a lot.

*whisper whisper*

OH. Daddies don't go to the vet, they go to the doctor. Sorry, Mom.

Anyways, so, Daddy got sick and had to go to the doctor. And then, in October, he and Mommy were gone for a whole week, and our Auntie Tina came to feed us and sleep with us at night, cuz Mommy and Daddy had to go the Hospital so the doctors could cut open Daddy's tummy and take out the big thing that was makin' him feel bad. It was pretty scary. My brofurs and me were super-worried.

But eventually they came back home, and even though we couldn't make biscuits on Daddy's tummy for a long time, he's back to feeling like himself, and the doctors say he's 100% better!

So...Mommy's been taking care of Daddy a lot, and they've been visiting the doctors a lot, and she hasn't had too much free time to help me keep in touch with my bloggy fans. BUT--we're back in action again, and we even have a Kissmas Tree up so we can celebrate the holiday together! See?

Yay. There's no place more comfy to sleep than underneath the Kissmas Tree.

Oh, hey, Mommy said when I was done talking she wanted to say something. Let me get her. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.....MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM I'm done TALKINNNNNNNNNNNNNN....

"Thanks, Scooter. I just wanted to say hi to all our blogosphere friends and to tell them that your Daddy is cancer free! It was a big scare to us all here at FatKats, but he's on the mend and we're hoping that 2011 will be a less stressful year for our family! We're preparing for Christmas here, so blogs may not be daily, but we'll try to keep everyone posted on Scooter and his brothers on a more regular basis. Merry Christmas everyone!"

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Monday, July 12, 2010

No More Visitors

Hi everbuddy!! We're back from our "staycation." Mom and Dad had some visitors last week, and they brought teeny little human beans with them. Baby beans are loud. And grabby. And kinda cute...not mancat flooftastic cute, but human bean with messy faces cute.

Harry and Dizzy weren't so keen on the little beans, but Pip really liked them cuz they drop their food on the floors a lot. And MY job was to snoopervise and make sure everbuddy was A-OK.

Baby beans also come with lots of "ak-sess-o-ries." Just LOOK at the mess they made in our living room!

BUT---one major plus about the baby beans---they have SUPER fun toys, like these awesome Super-Sonic Laser-Beam Mancat-Goggles I found! Lookie!

MOM: Honey, those aren't Super-Sonic Laser-Beam Mancat-Goggles. They're Mr. Potato Head's glasses. See?

Whatever, Mom. Whatever.


Wednesday, June 30, 2010