Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Purrsday!!

It's Purrsday! My favoritest day of the week!!! Mom spent an hour or two last night going through all our pictures, looking for ideas for today's bloggy post, and she decided it would be fun to let you all see what me and my brothers looked like when we were little and cute. First comes Dizzy...Mom says she and Dad wanted a fuzzy friend, and so they went to the place called the ASPCA and that's where they found Dizzy. Mom says he was the first kitten in the very first cage, and she held him and cooed at him like she usually does. Then she put him back in the cage and went to look at the other kitties. When she walked away from the cage, he jumped up and latched onto the door and said "WAAAOW!!!

Mom says he really cried, "MOOOOOOMMY!" But I seriously doubt that.

Anyways, here's a picture of him with Mom and Dad, when he was smaller. And probably nicer, but I wouldn't really know cuz I wasn't borned yet.

***note from Mom: you'll also notice that Dad and I are a wee bit smaller in this picture, too. LOL :)***

Ok so next comes Harry. He was already half a year old when Mom and Dad adopted him. Mom says he'd been in a cage so long, his legs were weak and tired. I can't imagine that, though, cuz Harry is strong and fast now!!! This is the only picture Mom has of Harry as a kitten---he looks almost the same, huh?

So next comes Pip. He was teeny-weeny when he was a baby, and Mom says he was the runt of the litter. He came to live with us a year after Mom and Dad got Harry, and that's how I wound up with three older brothers. Pip liked to hide from Mom a lot when he first came home---one day he got lost and Mom couldn't find him anywheres! Finally they followed the sounds of his "mews" and found him in a drawer in the kitchen!! He gots stucks!! Mom thinks Dizzy shut him in the drawer. I bet that's what happened--Dizzy doesn't like kittens!!!

Now---the moment you've all been waiting for! (Cuz let's face it, I'm ten times cuter than any of my brothers---what, Mom??? It's TRUE!) Here's my story: I came to be a member of our family because of special circumstances. Mommy and Daddy had another special kitten before me--his name was Eddie. God came to take him to heaven a little earlier than anyone expected, and Daddy says Mommy was really super-sad. So he came to find ME!!! And I got to come home and become Dizzy, Harry and Pip's little brother, and the cutest cat in the house. Oh, and Scoo-Tar, when I'm excited! Just look how cute and fuzzy I was:

And guess what!! I'm STILL cuter and fuzzier than any of my brothers!!!!!!!



  1. Oh you were all so precious! Of course Scooter, you were an adorable kitten and you still are adorable! I loved reading the stories of how you all became part of the family!

  2. Awww...what a great post! I loved reading about how the kitties came into your life! Adorable pics too...and not only the kitties ☺

    Abby, I'm so glad you're a cat lover too!