Monday, March 9, 2009

My Bestest Pal

Everybody has a bestest pal, right? Dizzy has Harry, Mommy has Daddy, Pip has...well, Pip loves everybody. But I'd like for you to meets my bestest pal. He is Squirrel.

He's orange and fuzzy, just like me! Mom says he's been well-loved, cuz his furs are all sticking out at weird directions, and his eyes are missin'. I says it just gives him character. Sometimes, we sit together and think about life...

But most of the time, we is playin!!! Squirrel likes to hide from me, which makes my tail twitch, and my bum wiggle, and all I wants to do is POUNCE!!! Squirrel is directly responsible for making me turn into Scoo-Tar. We run, and jump, and play together all day long!

One day, recently, I thought Squirrel needed a bath. He was smelling like Pip. So I, using my super-intelligence, put him in the dirty clothes basket. I hid him good, too, cuz Dad didn't find him when he tossed his pants in the wash!!! Later that day, Mommy was foldin' the laundry, and I was helpin, cuz that's what I do...

And guess who was under a towel, all fresh and clean??? SQUIRREL!! Mommy said, "How in the world did he get into the wash???" I just smiled, scooped up my bestest pal, and went about my way.

Who's your bestest pal?




  1. I enjoyed reading about how you love your Squirrel Scooter! You are so clever for how you were able to hide Squirrel so he could get a bath!

  2. Hahaha! What a kool kat you are, Scooter!

    Hey...can you tell your mommy she gotz and award. She can pick it up on my mommy's blog!

    Sammy, the cat