Monday, March 30, 2009

Scoo-Tar's Back!

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My Mommy is HOME!!! YAY!! She was gone furever, but she finally came back home late last night. Daddy says while she was gone, I spent a lot of time pouting and looking for her. He said he wished he'd had the camera, but Mommy had it to take pictures at the weddin. I don't really know what a weddin is, or why she had to go to it and leave furever. But she took this picture there:

That is Fluffy. He is Auntie Trish's beta fish. I don't think it's very fair that HE gots to go to the weddin and I had to stay home with Daddy and Dizzy and Harry and Pip, but Mom said he was actually there! Mom thought I'd get a kick out of it. I'd like to sniff his bowl and find out just what he's all about. Fluffy. Who names a fish Fluffy anyway?? Weird.

So every since Mommy got home from the foreign place called "Cansus" I've been keeping a close eye on her. And her stuffs.

For some reason, whenever Mommy goes anywhere she takes this green bag. I figure, if I lay on it, she can't go nowhere else. So...that's what I've been doin' all day. Layin' on Mom's bag. And occasionally trying to figure out how to get into her suit-em-up case so I can sniff around.

So, I'm busy, but I'll be back tomorrow. Gotta go continue my bodyguardin' job. BYE!


  1. Hi Scooter!

    That's great that your mom came back, but, but...did she bring you a present??? And why did a fish go to the wedding? You has a strange family.


  2. You're a very smart kitty, Scooter. If you hide in the bag, next time she leaves, she won't notice you're with her until it's too late!

  3. Well, Scooter, I'm so glad your mommy is back home safe and sound...I'm curious, what goodies did she gets for you? I mean, surely, she didn't forget?? After all the waitin' you had to do :)


  4. Too funny that the fish was at the wedding! Did he have a good time :)?

    (We think you should have gone too - it's only fair!)

  5. I'm glad your Mommy came back home. Is Fluffy your present? I sure hope you got something else from Kansas!

  6. Hi Scooter - it's nice to meet you!