Thursday, March 5, 2009

Scooter Iz Bored.

Hi-ya!! It's Scooter!!! I'm back again for another blog. Mom says it's time for me to tell you all about my alter-ego. See, when I'm being sweet, and snuggly, and smooshie, Mom calls me Scooter. That's my real name...

But at night time, when Mom and Dad are sleeping, and it's dark outside, and I gots nothing better to do, I turn into "Scoo-Tar the Magnificent!" That's the funnest time to run around and knock things over. I also have X-Ray Kitty Vision, and am able to find the loudest possible item in the house to play with----everything from milk tabs I've hidden under the couch, to plastic caps from the bathroom trash, sometimes even a balled up piece of paper from the waste basket under the desk!!!

Dad doesn't think it's so funny, especially when I wake him up like I did this morning. He went around and dug up all my favorite toys from all my favorite hiding places, and threw them in the big blue garbage can where I can't reach them. So now...Scoo-Tar is bored.

So Mommy said we'd shop for new toys to keep me occupied. And here's what we found on Etsy!!!

Hey! He looks like fun! Mom says his name is Zougat, and you can find him at a store called terraclotha. Mom says he's cute, but he doesn't got no cat-nip. Hmm...Scoo-Tar isn't happy. Let's keep looking.

Mom is making ooey-gooey cuteness noises like she makes at me all the time. I'm not really sure why, cuz this kitty, named "Pierre," isn't orange and fuzzy and his name is definitely NOT Scoo-Tar. I guess he's pretty cute...I wonder if he's fun to play with? You can find him at fing on etsy. I'm still wantin' some nip, though, so what about...

Oh BOY! It's a cheezburger!!!!! AND it's got catnip!!!! Scoo-Tar is HAPPY!!!! This little toy can be found at GeeKitty...well, for now. I'm going to try and talk Mom into buying it for me!!! It reminds me of my favorite kitty cartoon:

Ok guys, well, I hate to cut it short, but I've got some pesterin' to do if I'm gonna get my new cheezburger toy....have a super-duper day!


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