Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another Blog from Mommy

First of all, I'd like to thank each and every one of you who left such sweet comments on yesterday's post! Eddie was such a sweet cat and he'll always be missed. Blogging about him yesterday was tough, but he deserved to be remembered that way. And Scooter was 100% supportive! I'm sorry I haven't responded personally to each and every comment yet, but I hope you'll all understand by the end of this post!

Scooter gave us a bit of a health scare yesterday. Tuesday night, he was acting very sluggish, inactive, and lethargic. Concerned, I texted my husband about it and he came up with the same thing I thought it might be: Scoot was gearing up for another growth spurt and was resting up for it. That made sense, and for a little while, I didn't worry. That was until I picked him up to give him his goodnight hug. He was hot. I know cats are warm and snuggly, but he was just hot. And he complained when I picked him up, like he was hurting. I stayed up half the night with him, worried sick. By yesterday morning, he seemed to be a little perkier, so I had my morning low-cal hot chocolate and sat down to write my blog about Eddie. When my husband got up, I told him how Scoot had been through the night, and we both went over to where he was laying to check things out. I picked Scoot up again, and he protested with weak "mews," again, like he was in pain. With Eddie in mind, I immediately started crying and fretting, and my husband quickly called the vet. They asked us to bring him right in, as his symptoms sounded like he might have a blocked urinary tract, and that can be serious if not treated right away. So we loaded him into his carrier and rushed him to the doctor's office.

They checked his bladder as soon as we got there to check for inflammation, and to our great relief, that didn't seem to be the issue at all. But the mystery behind Scooter's sudden illness had just begun. As the doctor's were at lunch, we had to leave Scooter behind and wait for the call to tell us what was going on with our favorite orange tabby cat.

The LONGEST 2 hours of my life were spent tidying a house that didn't really have much to be tidied, fidgeting and crying. By 2:30, they finally called to say that Scoot had a high fever (over 104), and while they weren't sure what was causing it, it seemed he had some sort of infection. So they dosed him with 2 different kind of antibiotic shots, and gave him some fluids to help perk him up. They also took some blood so they could run some tests to try and figure out what had caused the infection. We were told we could pick him up at 4:30.

We were at the vet's office at 4:20.

His initial bloodwork came back clean, and he was responding well to the medication, so the doctor said we could take him home, with the promise that they'd call first thing this morning with the rest of the comprehensive blood tests. We brought him home and immediately noticed a difference in his temperament. While he wasn't running about and playing like he usually does, the light was back in his eyes, and he was GLAD to be home. His motor was running from the time we got in the car until well after we'd settled back in here.

And I'm glad to report that, although we still don't know what caused his sudden sickness, Scooter's bloodwork came back this morning with the all clear. I don't know what made the little guy so sick, so fast, but the fever is gone, and for that, we are grateful. We'll be watching our little furball very closely over the next few days, and he wants me to promise that I'll keep you all posted on his health. For now, he's resting and conserving his energy so he can play with Squirrel later.

So THAT'S why I haven't written anyone back just yet. Lots of excitement (not the good kind) yesterday. So I promise to try and write you all back sometime today!!!

In an attempt to cheer Scooter up, I did tell him all about this super-secret award we got...The Hollywood Cat Walk of Fame!! It's a top-secret blog award that is passed from blogger to blogger, and the awardee is only requested to follow one rule: not to reveal the giver of the award! And so, without further ado, we'd like to unveil our awesome award!!!

When Scooter is feeling up to it we may....or may not.....pass this award along to some of our favorite felines. But if we do, you won't know, because it'll be a SECRET! Also, stay tuned for a Scooter account of yesterday's happenings! Big Purrs from Mom and


  1. Abby, I know that must have been so scary! Poor Scooter!

    We had that happen once and they never found out what caused it - the vet said "Feline Mystery Virus", as she has some other patients with similar symptoms. The fluids really helped.

    I'm sure he's a little knocked out by the antibiotics right now - they always make our guys (and me!) sleepy. But I'm really glad he's back at home and OK.

    And congratulations on the super-secret award - the very handsome Scooter certainly deserves it!

  2. P.S. I forgot to say that I know it must have been really difficult to write about Eddie. Again, you wrote a beautiful tribute to him.

  3. Oh my.. what a tough, tough day.. But so relieved and glad to hear that it all worked out in the end... Big Hugs!!

  4. I know that horrible feeling that something might be wrong with your little furbaby first hand! It's awful to go through but it seems that Scooter is fine so that is wonderful news!

  5. Poor Scooter! We're glad he's feeling a little better. He said, um, I mean we heard that if you give him lots of treats he'll recover faster.


    PS Did I say it right Scooter?

  6. I can't even begin to imagine how you felt going through all that with Scooter on such a tough day anyway. I'm so glad to hear that he is doing better and thankfully you got him in to the vet quickly to clear up whatever mystery illness he had. I'm sending you many hugs and sending lots of kisses for Scooter!

    And Concatulations on your award!