Monday, April 13, 2009

Gettin' Into Trouble

Somedays, I get into my Scoo-Tar Mode, and I gets into trouble. Like today. I found a new, fun place to hang out.....

It's WAY UP HIGH, and I can see the WHOLE livin' room from here! And there's fun things to look at, too---like Daddy's robot collection, or the pretty pictures Mommy hung on the wall. (Well, most of them are pretty.....'cept for Dizzy.) In fact, I think I could stay up here ALLLLLLLLL day.

Hmm. Mommy doesn't seem too thrilled that I'm up here, but she hasn't started throwin' stuffs yet. So that's a good sign. Looks like she might let me stay up here afterall!!! Hey, what's this thing?? Is it something important that Mommy put in a pretty frame? Or is it something for me to chew on?


Uh oh. I guess it was somethin' important, not a chew toy. I'd better get outta here! BYE!



  1. Look at all those kitty photos next to you - I can see why you thought it would be OK to be up there. (You actually did pretty well - at our house, at least one of those picture frames would now be on the floor!)

  2. That looks like a great place to hang out! I bet if you hunker down and be really quiet they'll never find you!