Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Caturday!!

Caturdays are meant for nappin' and relaxin' and enjoyin' the weekend. That's what Mom says. Which is pretty right on, if you ask me. Cuz nappin' and relaxin' and enjoyin' the weekend is what I'm all about. I prefer sleepin' in my kitten bed that my Grammy made just for me for Kwismas.

It's so comfy, it's hard to stay, Happy Caturday to all my friends. I've got some nappin' to do.



  1. You're so adorable, Scooter! (I know, I always say that - but it's true!) I like that kitty bed too - it looks very comfortable.

  2. Enjoy yer snooze, Scooter, cuz uz kittiez is takin' one, too.

  3. Very comfy looking bed, Scooter! Happy Caturday to you too

  4. We're nappin too cuz we played outside all morning! But we don't have cool beds like you do....wonder why........hey Momma!.........

    jane & Alice

  5. That sure looks like a comfy bed Scooter! I hope you get plenty of rest this weekend!