Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Purrsday!

So, really early this mornin, I was tryin' to find my Mommy. It was REALLY early. Like, still dark outside. Normally, when it's dark outside, I find Mommy in her bed, sleepin'. But today, I looked and looked, and all I could see was Daddy snorin' away, and a big lump under the covers next to him. When I looked a little closer, I saw Mommy's hairs sticking up out from under the covers---she was hiding under the covers from me!! And that got me thinkin....everybody needs a good hidin' place. Ya know? I mean, me and my brothers, we've got that hidin' thing down pat!

See, Dizzy hides in the closet....

And Harry hides behind the couch in the spare room.....

And Pip hides under Mommy's bed, behind Daddy's bass guitar.....

And me,, I hides in plain sight.

Oh wait. You can still see my Floof. Hmmm...maybe I needs to rethink my hidin' place.

Where do YOU likes to hide?



  1. Those are all great hiding places I like to hide in Momma's closet when I can get in there.


  2. That photo of you in your hiding place is too funny, Scooter! Tasha likes to hide more than any other cat in our - she likes to sleep under layers of blankets. Franklin goes under the bed, and Dobby doesn't bother hiding (he's too busy sleeping!)

  3. P.S. Of course, I meant "in our house" - I've been making massive amounts of typos lately (word verification has become a challenge!)