Thursday, April 2, 2009


So about a month ago, Mom and Dad got us some new furniture. We gots a new couch, and a new rug. We also gots something called an "ot-o-man." Mom says it's for storage, cuz the top opens up. She also says it's for her to put her feet on, so she can kick back and relax. There's just one problem with the "ot-o-man," though......

It's always full of kitties...but you can't blame us, really. It's a totally comfy place to nap, we get to stay in the room with Mom while she's working, AND there's room for at least 3 of us up there, so we can snuggle. But...Mom has a hard time finding somewhere to put her feets.

OH well, Sorry Mom! :)


  1. Silly humans! That ottoman was MADE for kitties!

  2. Too funny! We have the same problem with the couch :)

  3. Hey guys, my Gramma has the same problem at her house with my Aunt Molly (the chocolate lab). Her ot-o-man is the perfect size for a dog to nap on!!!