Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Remembering Eddie

Before Scooter came into our lives, we had another special kitten who we called Eddie. He was a bright star in our household. He had a loving personality, and would hop up and sit in your lap without any provocation. He loved his big brothers and could often be found snuggling with them. Eddie died unexpectedly from a heart condition a year ago today, but rather than be sad and talk about the horrible night he died, I'm going to remember all of his fun moments today instead.

I found Eddie in a pet food store. He was a lone little kitten living in a bird cage, and I was instantly drawn to him. I wasn't supposed to have anymore pets, as we already had 3 cats at home, but I couldn't help but coo at him, pet him through the metal bars of his cage, and wish. When I felt myself falling in love with him, I stood up, snapped his picture on my cellphone, sent it in a text to my husband that said, "Wouldn't this make an awesome birthday present?" Then I gathered my purse and started to leave. Eddie started to climb the bars, mewing and almost begging me to take him home. And I couldn't leave him. So that's how we ended up with cat #4.

Eddie could hardly be called shy. He instantly bonded with his brothers. Pip took a particular interest in him as he'd been the "baby" in our family for 6 years. He was very interested in this tiny little ball of fur that was so much smaller than him.

It didn't take Harry long to take a shining to him, either. That's when we realized how mothering Harry is. He'd always groomed his brothers, but with a kitten in the house, Harry almost became like a mother hen: following Eddie from room to room, watching intently as Eddie tried something new, snuggling with him to make him feel comfy when it was naptime. It was such an interesting dynamic to watch!!

Dizzy, as with Scooter, took a long time to come around to the idea of a kitten being in the house, taking all of his attention. I don't think he ever really acknowledged Eddie's presence, unless, of course, it was to look down his nose in disdain. :) But that's our Dizzy. He did enjoy certain perks of having a kitten at home, the presence of new toys and kitten beds to sleep in. He eventually came around and became friends with Eddie, but it sadly it was only a month or two before Eddie died.

Now, you may be wondering why in the world we bought a pink bed for our boy kitten. Funny story there. When I first purchased Eddie (although I still feel like it was rescue more than anything. Who puts a kitten in a birdcage???) I was told by the owner of the store that he was an 8 week old female. As Eddie was still too young for us to really tell, we went with what the owner told us and named him "Suzie." "Suzie" got called beautiful girl, was bought pink beds and girly toys, and treated like a lady. We even took "her" to the vet for "her" first round of shots, and no one caught the obvious. Then, a day or two before "Suzie" was schedule to go in for "her" second round of shots, Brian turned to me and said, "Does Suzie look like she might have testicles?" I was still shocked when, at the appointment, the vet said, "Yep, this is a boy-cat." Oh my. "Suzie" quickly became "Eddie," and we moved on. But he kept that pink cat bed!

I'll end with my favorite memory of Eddie. He LOVED to play on the computer chair. He'd get a running start, leap into the chair, and stand in the middle of the seat, legs akimbo, fur fluttering in the breeze, as it spun in circles. His little half-tail would stand straight up like a flag, and you could almost see a smile on his little kitten face. It was his all-time FAVORITE game. When the chair would stop spinning, he'd sit for a bit, get the dizzies out of his head, and then start over. We'd watch him for hours!

He was such a faithful companion, and I still miss him every single day. But I can't help but laugh when I think of him spinning in the chair. :)

Eddie Chamberlain: April 22, 2007-April 29, 2008


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  2. I'm really sorry to hear about Eddie's unexpected death - that must have been really difficult. He was such a beautiful cat! You wrote a wonderful tribute to him - it made me cry.

    I think you rescued Eddie too, and I know you must miss him a lot. I hope you can find comfort in the fact that he had a great life with you.

    (((Hugs))) and purrs from me and the cats.

  3. Aww.. But, Yeah.. Who puts a cat in a birdcage?

    Hugs to you on this day.. and thanks for sharing his story.. Sweet kitty.

  4. I'm sure this is a very difficult day for you. What a lovely tribute to Eddie. Although his life was too short, it was packed with love thanks to you and it's obvious that he left a pawprint on your heart too. Hugs to you and my heart is with you.

  5. What a wonderful tribute! I know it's hard to lose a pet (we lost Mr. Pickles this year) but it's good to be able to remember the happy times. And I'm sure Eddie had a wonderful life with your family.

  6. What a great tribute to Eddie, Abby. It's so wonderful that you rescued him and he was loved so much in his short life.

    I'm sorry for your loss. It's so hard to let them go - especially when it's far too soon.

  7. *sniff* A lovely tribute, yet so sad.
    I hate it when pets die. I feel your pain, Abby.
    Eddie was a sweet little fella. Thank you for rescueing him out of that birdcage and giving him some tender loving care.



    ps - I'm going to be sending your gift out next week. Please, please, please let it arrive this time around!