Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Scooter is Confused

So I has lots of blogger-type friends. There's Tasha and Franklin and Dobby from Mishkat. There's Samson and Delilah from The Monkeys. There's Isabella and Angel (and yes, even the dog, Sadie) from BeadedTail. They leave me messages and write the funniest blogs that I love to read with my Mom.

But every Tuesday, they all post blogs called "Tortie Tuesday." I just has one question.

What's a TORTIE? Mom, do you know what a Tortie is?

Mom: Yes, Scooter. A Tortie is a special breed of cat.
Scooter: Oh. Okay. Am I a Tortie?
Mom: No, Scooter, you're not a Tortie. You're a long-haired orange tabby cat.
Scooter: Mom, how comes you capitalized Tortie, and not Long-Haired Orange Magnificent Tabby Cat the Great?
Mom: Oh, you're right, Scooter. How rude of me. You are a Long-Haired Orange Magnificent Tabby Cat the Great.

Scooter: Cool, thanks Mom. I guess that clears it up. Scooter is no longer confused.

Well, all my blogger friends, I guess that pretty much sums it up. Most of my blogger cat-type friends are "Torties." I, however, am not a Tortie. I hope that means they'll still be my friends!! Mom says the blogs they write on Tuesdays give good man-cat advice. I'll be reading them every single week!!! In the meantime, I'm going to figure out if Long-Haired Orange Magnificent Tabby Cat the Greats have any smart words of wisdom to pass along. Have a great "Tortie Tuesday!!!"




  1. Dobby wants to give you some orange tabby mancat advice, Scooter. He says you are lucky not to live with a tortie :)! Or at least not with Tasha (he thinks Isabella and Delilah are much nicer.)

  2. Samson thinks that if you want a girlfriend (because Torties are 99.5 % girls) who bosses you around, noses you out of your own food and can pin you down and bunny-kick you if you look at her the wrong way, then you should ask your Mom to get a Tortie. He also says that even though she's a bully, Delilah gives the best kisses ever (only when SHE'S in the mood, though)!

    Here's another way to describe you, Scooter. You're a Long-Haired Ginger male (which is also very special in the cat world). We think you're absolutely adorable, too!

  3. This Tortie knows a handsome Long Haired Orange Magnificent Tabby Mancat when I see one and that most certainly is you Scooter!