Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Recap

Hi everbuddy! Sorry I didn't blog any this weekend. I was BUSY BUSY BUSY. Mom sat me down and told me all about how we're having visitors this summer. My Dad's Dad and Sister are coming all the way from some foreign land called "Las Vegas" just to meet me!!! She also says her best pal from college, Auntie Jenna, is coming to visit, too. Mom said Auntie Jenna lived with Dizzy for awhile when he was a kitten. Poor Auntie Jenna. She gets to meet me, though, so it'll all be good. Mom also says that we gots to change some stuff around in the house to make sure all our visitors are going to be comfy. So Mom and Dad went out for a little while yesterday, and they came home with this BIG BOX!

Now all us kitties...I mean, mancats... we know that there's no toy in the world as much fun as a big box. can betcha I was ready to play and explore!!!

This particular box had something called a "foo-ton bed" in it. Mom says it can be a couch or a bed. That way it doesn't take up the whole room when it's not being used. I say, whatever Mom. Let's get on with box fun-ness! This box even has it's very own peep holes, I can see what's inside!

Cool! It's like a window!! It didn't take long for Mom and Dad to start emptying all the stuff out of the box, leaving me with my very own playhouse! That was fun for awhile....until I heard some interestin' sounds coming from the spare room. Hmm...should I investigate?

Well if you've been readin' my blog long enough, you'll know that of COURSE I went to investigate! Mom and Dad were puttin' the "foo-ton bed" together! Dad taught me an important lesson right from the beginning. He said, "Scoot, you can never put together something without reading the directions first." Thanks, Dad. Lesson learned. I'll read the directions first.

So, after many, many hours of work...what, Mom? Ok, ok, fine. I'm supposed to say that it only took them about an hour and a half to put it together, not hours and hours. But it FELT like hours and hours. Anyway, after an hour and a half (she says) of work, Mom and Dad have a finished "foo-ton" bed!

So it's official. I've given it the Scooter Seal of Approval. Yay for foo-ton beds!!!!


  1. Yes, I saw your Facebook status!! LOL, Yay for the foo-ton!

  2. We love boxes too! I hope they let you keep yours for a few days!

    You have wonderful snoopervising skills, Scooter!

  3. Scooter, that foo-ton sure looks comfy...I gots a feeling it's going to be your fave place for naps from now on...



  4. That does look like fun Scooter...especially playing with the box! Are you going to have to share the foo-ton bed with people though?


  5. Great job with the snoopervising! We have a futon bed for a couch and we think they are great too - except when we get kicked off by people wanting to sit on it, of course. But we don't have the box - that looks really great!

  6. A Foo-ton AND a box? You are one lucky Mancat Scooter!

    Angel & Isabella

  7. WOW! Company comin', a new playhouse and a new place ta takez a nappie☺ Youz haz been habbin' a great time! We is celebratin' Toesie Tuesday over at our place☺