Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cloudy Day

For the past few days, it's been really cloudy and rainy here. And I don't know about you guys, but when it's cloudy out, me and my brofurs think it's the perfect weather for napping. Today was no different....see, we all have places where we like to sleep. Dizzy prefers the Ott-o-man...

Harry usually prefers sleepin' on the floor behind the chair...or Dad's belly....but today, he was also opting for the Ott-o-man, 'cept in a more lounging fashion...

Pip likes to sleep on Mom and Dad's during the daytime, cuz he's less likely to get kicked or nudged into the floor...

And me? Well...I like to sleeps lots of my cubby hole, and the top of the kitty condo, and the kitty bed my Grammy made me for Kwismas and the comfy smooshy chair....but my favorite place to lay is in the computer chair.

That way, when Mom is ready to blog, I'm right there, ready to help!!! Where's your favorite nap spot??


  1. It's always a good time for a nap but especially on cloudy days! You all look very comfy...

  2. Those are all great napping spots! My sisfur naps all over the place but I prefer to nap on the back of the couch or laying next to my daddy.


  3. Naps ARE great aren't they? I like to nap on my chair in front of the window. Alice likes to nap on any human that happens to be around.


  4. We like to take lots of naps every day, in any weather! Dobby definitely prefers the bed (mom rarely can make it without having to kick him out!). Tasha likes several places in the living room - she has a special bed on a shelf next to her dad's computer so she can keep him company. And Franklin sleeps anywhere that's near one of the other two!

  5. Da bestest thing ta do on a rainin' or cloudy da is ta take a snooze...just ask out momma!