Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Fun!

So yesterday was Memorial Day, and Mom and Dad were gone FUREVER! They went to a cook-out at Grammy and Pop's house! Mom said we couldn't go, so we stayed home and napped.

My Grammy has 3 doggies of her very own. They are named Sassy, Zoe, and Roxie. Sassy is a terrier, Zoe is a mutt, and Roxie is a little ankle biter.


Oh, sorry. Roxie is a yorkie. Her name is Roxie, but everybuddy calls her "Bitty" or "Itty Bitty" because she's so small. Mom took the movie camera with her to the cook-out yesterday and took some movies so I could see all the fun they were having. The first one is of the doggies being on video for the very first time...Ok, Mom, let's watch it!

Ok well, I GUESS they're cute enough to be on my blog...hey, Mom, can I has a big, pink pig to play wif???

The second video is of the doggies outside playing in the sunshine!! Ok, Mom, let's watch this one too!!!!!

Hey, Mom, I wanna go outside and run around, too!!!!! But you really didn't have to make all those kissy noises at Roxie. I mean, she's sorta cute, I guess, but what about me?????

Guys, I gotta go cuz I have a new mission. To make my Mommy make kissy noises at ME!!! BYE!

Note from Mom: Sorry about the loud shrill sound of my voice in the background! LOL


  1. Mom is at work and doesn't have sound there so she wants to wait until she is home to comment...she said she wants to hear the loud shrill voice!!

    If I can figure out how to grow some thumbs, I'll comment all by myself!


  2. They're all really adorable, but my favorite is Zoey! (I like all dogs but especially mutts). And I can't believe your mom videotaped the pee scene - too funny!

    Hope you're getting some kisses from your mom for being nice enough to allow the woofies on your blog, Scooter.

  3. Very cute, with the sound on! It was worth the wait. Hope you're successful with the kissy noises, Scooter!