Sunday, May 24, 2009

Relaxin' On Sunday

It's rainy here today. Dad's at work furever and Mom's feelin' all tired from exercisin' hard earlier, so we're watching TV to stay busy. Well, Mom was watching some show called "Ugly Better" and I was super bored, so I asked her if we could watch something more exciting.

"It's Ugly Betty, Scooter."

Whatever, Mom. It was boring. Anyways, so we found a couple of cute kitten videos to share with you on your Sunday. Hope you laugh as much as I did!!! The first one is a funny game some humans created to play with their kittens!! It looks fun, but I'm sure I'd outsmart the game a lot faster than these babies.

Ha ha ha! That was funny!!! Didn't they know they weren't supposed to be trying to come out of the box--they were supposed to be huntin' the stick and pouncin' on it!!!

The next video is a complai...compilat....MOM!!!


That's a dumb word. This next video is a whole bunch of video clips of funny cats. It made Mom laugh out loud!!!

And this last's just the best one of the whole group. Wanna know why?? Because it's my very first appearance in my very own movie!! That's right!! This is a movie Mom took of me when I was a little tiny baby! She filmed me with her celly-phone, so the quality's not so great, and I look a little fuzzy. But that's ok, because I'm NATURALLY fuzzy. :) Hope you enjoy it!!!!

Aw, man. I was cute, huh?

"That you were, Scooter. You know...I've been saving that video for over a year now, in hopes that I'd eventually figure out how to share it with the world."

Aw, shucks, Mom. I'm flattered. And now I'm big blog superstar awesome kitty!!!

"That you are, Scooter. That you are."

Have a happy weekend, everybuddy!!!!! Bye!!


  1. Scooter, you are the cutest little kitten ever! I love the little shaky sleepy look.

  2. We liked the video of you the best, Scooter! It's so funny when kittens are trying to stay awake when they are really sleepy.