Saturday, May 2, 2009

Scoo-Tar is BACK!!!

Hi guys! So Mom told you all about how I got sick and had to go to the doctor's office. Which really wasn't all that bad, cuz the nurses and doctors all cooed at me and told me how handsome I am (which I already knew, but it's nice to hear). The only bad thing is they stole some of my floof! Mom says they had to have somewhere fur-free to put the medicines in, but I was mad that they didn't give me my floof back. That should be illegal.

Anyways, I'm home and feeling better and better everyday!! I've been bugging Mom since Thursday that I really wanted to blog again, but she kept saying I wasn't ready and needed to rest. I tried camping out in the cubby next to the puter....

She just scratched my head and told me I was cute. DUH Mom. So yesterday, I tried to work on Dad, and bothered him while he was rollin' change...

He said what he always says. "Whatever you Mom says, goes, Scoot. She's the boss." Dangit! I really wanted to blog, because otherwise, how am I ever gonna be a famous man-cat??? So this morning, I got up in front of mom while she was writing on HER blog (ironical, I know) and put on my angry cat face and said.....


It worked! :)



  1. haha, you got that angry cat face, you are feeling better. So glad things are good now. Maybe mom can find some special floof vitamins to build that back up quickly.

  2. Even with your angry cat face, you are still one handsome Mancat Scooter! I'm so glad you are feeling so much better and I'm sorry they stole some of your floof! They may save it and sell it on eBay since you are such a famous Mancat!

  3. Your angry face is the best we've ever seen, Scooter! We have to try that on our Mom!

    We're so happy you're feeling better and about the floof, Samson had some of his stolen from his tummy in March and it's almost completely back! Yours will be back in no time also.

  4. Scooter, you are a man-cat of few wordz but doze words are 'portant wordz and da bestest part iz dey works!

  5. We're very happy that you're feeling better, Scooter. You look really handsome in those pictures (even in the angry face one!)

  6. Glad you're feeling better Scooter! And that you got to blog. You know....if you can find out your mom's password you can use the computer when she's not around or asleep or something.....