Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thankful Thursday

My mom and dad came home yesterday with an awesome surprise for us cats....we got a new kitty condo!!!!!

It has a cubby hole down below, just like I likes it, but it's also flat on top, so I can lay on TOP of the cubby, too! How cool is that???? Dad has to make a few adjustments---and then it was PLAY TIME!!!

I sure am thankful to have parents who love me so much that they bring me surprise presents when it's not even my birfday!!! Thanks Mom and Dad!!! What are YOU thankful for today???



  1. That is amazing! It looks like so much fun. And I see even more cat equipment in the background.

    We only have cat cubes, but mom hooked up three of them for us, and we love them! We have already destroyed one set :)

  2. Your mom and dad are pawsome! What a cool condo you got! Hey Mommy, can we have a condo like Scooter's?

    Angel & Isabella

  3. You guys are so lucky! We have to make condos out of old boxes and shelves...I hope Mommy reads this post and feels guilty about depriving us!

  4. Wow! You guys are so lucky. We don't have a cat condo, just a smallish chair that Momma pushes over in front of the window for us. Maybe someday we'll get a condo too.....if we're good. Um, guess we'd better not count on it.