Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birfday Pip!!!

We celebrated Pip's 7th birfday yesterday!!! Even Grammy and Pops came over to help us par-tay! Pip got some cool new toys: a Light Flicker Ball, which lights up when you paw it around, and 2 feathery toy balls for him to chase around. (Not that he really chases stuff around so much, he kinda just lays there and watches.)

The BEST part about birfdays in our house is that we get TOOTER FISH!!! It really is the best birfday meal ever in the whole wide world. Mom made us the Tooter Fish while Dad recorded us, so here's a video of us right before dinner!

Wow, I guess we DO get pretty excited about Tooter Fish!!! Dontcha want some???


  1. We definitely want Tooter Fish now! Happy Birthday to Pip!!

  2. We tried to tell Momma that we had to have some tooter fish because it's Pip's birfday but she just gave us "the look".

    jane & Alice

  3. What a great celebration with Tooter fish! Happy Birthday to Pip!

  4. You four are SO cute together! Happy birthday Pip! (We wanted mom to break out the tooter fish too, but she said she didn't have any - a likely story!)