Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy International Box Day!!!

When Mommy read over all her favorite blogs this morning, she discovered that our new friends over at Zoolatry have named today International Box Day!!

All our favorite blogosphere kitties are celebrating boxes today by posting pictures of themselves in their favorite boxes. We got LOTS of pictures of me in boxes, see:

This is me as a kitten using a box as a racecar. ZOOOOOOOM!

This is me as a mancat-in-training helping Mom take pictures of her jewelries for her shop! I'm so helpful!

This is me practicing my international spy skills by using this box as a tunnel to crawl through. Mission Impossible---not with Scoo-Tar The Magnificent! Oh wait, maybe it should be "The name is Scoot. Scoot-Ar." HAHA!

This is me trying to play wif my Dad's robots---'cept when I finally got into the box, I discovered it was already empty. Foiled again!

This is me helping Mom catalog all her jewelries so she can put them up on the innernets. I'm not sure why, but she wasn't really happy with me. She still took my picture though.
"Scooter, why don't we show some pictures of your brothers? They might like to participate in International Box Day, too."

Poop. Ok, Mom, I guess I'll share.

Here's Dizzy, playing Star Wars Monopoly wif Mom and Dad.

Here's Harry helpin' Mom wif work.

And here's Pip...well, he's not really in a "box," really. But the thing about Pip is....well, he doesn't fit in too many boxes. So Mommy had to improvise with this picture. So we'll just pretend it's a box, so Pip can participate in today's festivities.

Happy International Box Day, from us, to you!!!!


  1. Hi Scooter!
    thanks for sharing your box-y catventures, and to all of you: Happy International Box Day!
    I can't join in the fun, coz I dislikes boxes :(


  2. Those are great box pictures! The race-car and Scooter the Transformer made me laugh the most!

  3. Happy International Box Day, Scooter! You have some of the best photos we've seen all day. (We voted in a "cat in box" photo contest on Flickr once, and just about all of yours would have won!)

    Mom says she thinks the lightbox picture is very artistic :) but we like the racecar!

  4. Hi Scooter! Those are some great photos of you in boxes. You must really like boxes! Momma laughed so hard at you in the robot she wants to put US in boxes like that!
    Have a great weekend!

    jane & Alice

  5. Hi Scooter..I found your blog from your comment on Kareltje en ikke...what a great blog you have. Those cat pictures on the box are it. Feel free to visit my blog, I'm a cat purrson too :-)

    Have a great day

    Lots of luv,