Thursday, June 4, 2009

Helpin' Build a Teeny-Tiny Chair

Mom brought out a box yesterday, and Dad came along with his toolbox, and I knew right away that we were about to have some fun! See, when Mom has a box and Dad has his buzzy-drill thing, that means we're gonna be putting stuff together. And THAT means a BIG opportunity for Scoo-Tar the Magnificent to do what he does best--snoopervise!

So out of the box came all these wooden pieces, and there weren't very many, and in about 13 minutes, Mom and Dad had built this teeny-tiny chair! I was SURE it was for me...but I couldn't quite figure out how to use it. I stood way up on my very tippy-toes....

...and tried to figure out how to fit in the teeny-tiny seat....

But I couldn't quite climb up there. So I thought, " what, Scooter? Just how are you going to use this strange teeny-tiny chair? It's obviously meant for you, as you are the smallest and most handsome mancat in the house. So HOW are you going to use it? Think, think, think..."

I thought that perhaps gnawing on the teeny-tiny chair might bring me some inspiration...

But Mom didn't like that so much. In fact, she sort of raised her voice and said, "Scooter, NO!" I don't like that word. Sniff.

And then, out of nowhere, she appeared with this little stuffed person. She said the chair was meant for this little stuffed person, and not for me. What? How could that be????

Oh. Well...I guess she is pretty cute. For a little stuffed person.

**Note from Mom: The highchair was constructed for a porcelain doll I've had since I was child! My Aunt Myra created her for me, and also made her twin for my Mom. I actually got the chair as a Christmas gift from my Mom, and have been lax about putting it together. But I'm SO glad I did!! Doesn't she look adorable? Thanks Mom!


  1. The doll is very pretty!

    Scooter, your tippy-toes made our Mom make weird noises. She's got a thing for kitty toes. She has actually bitten mine! I'd hide your toes around my Mom, man!


  2. Aaww.. what a pretty dolly!! Too bad, Scooter, maybe next time, lol!

  3. That's a really beautiful doll. And the photos of Scooter on his tippy-toes are great. I have one of Tasha like that but it's not very flattering :)!

  4. Wow, creative talent obviously runs in the family! The doll is very pretty. I have a smaller one, a little China girl, she's over 20 years old.
    As for the high chair - I think Scooter needs size L
    I'll be visiting your other blogs soon; trying to catch up you see...

  5. The doll is adorable in the chair...but I think your cat would be cute with a little bonnet on its head sitting in the chair, too☺