Thursday, July 2, 2009

Helpin' Mom's Creativity

Mommy had her rocks and things out yesterday, and as usual, I know it's my job to assist in any way I can.

Mom's been having a hard time feeling creative lately, so I had to use my pawsome mancat vibes to get her going. She made some really cool stuffs, though, that you can see on her jewelry blog, Simply Charming in SC!

Sometimes, when she gets her rocks out, she has big, long strings for me to examine and play with. This time, she didn't disappoint!! I got to play with some brown flowers, and I was very careful to make sure I didn't break the strand!

Now I have to admit, while I love watching her while she messes with her rocks, and plays with the chains and tools and things, my FAVORITE part of jewelry-makin' is when Mom sets up the big white light box so she can take my picture.

I STILL think that if she used these shots in her Etsy shop that she'd make more sales!!! Who wouldn't buy Scooter-approved jewelries?


  1. I think she'd make more sales too, but of course, I'm prejudiced!

    You are good to help your mom. The cats are not allowed to help me make things around here because of their plastic bag fetish, but Dobby cries and cries when I'm on the other side of a shut door.

  2. Ooh. I gotta check out the new stuff!
    Good for you for helping your mom!

    Duni & Sammy

  3. You are SO helpful Scooter! I'm sure you got your mom's creativity going. And such quality assurance! We're going to send Momma over to check out the shop and all the new things you helped to make!

    jane & Alice

  4. You're such a cute helper, Scooter. It's amazing that your Mom is still able to be creative even with your sweet face beside her!

  5. My goodness, you are such a good helper. How in the world would your mom be able to make jewelry without you☺