Monday, July 6, 2009

I. Hate. Vacations.

On Thursday afternoon, Daddy came in the house with those dreaded suit-em-up cases again. I knew what was in store this time. Mommy and Daddy were going to pack up those suit-em-up case and disappear for days on end again.

I was not a happy Scooter.

SOOOoooo...I figured out that some defensive tactical moves were in order. First, I decided the best course of action would be to sit on the stuff Mom was planning on putting inside the suit-em-up case. I mean, they're not gonna go anywheres if they don't have any clean underwheres, right?

Well, that tactic didn't work so well. Mommy just kept scooping me up outta the basket and taking what she needed. Drat. Maybe I should've given this assignment to Pip. He weighs a ton, afterall.

So then, me and my lieutenant, Harry, discussed better defensive strategies. Maybe we were going about it all wrong. Maybe the underwheres weren't the best place to block Mom's advances. Maybe we should put ourselves directly in the line of fire, so we'd be harder to ignore.

So Lieutenant Harry suggested we go straight for the suit-em-up case. Yes, it was dangerous, but somebuddy had to do it, or else Mom and Dad might leave for the whole weekend.

So we scouted out the best places to hide, so either Mom wouldn't be able to pack at all, or where, in the worst case scenario, we'd be included in the packing and get to go on vacation, too.

Boy, did we think that was a better idea!! Till we heard Mom talking to Dizzy in the bedroom. Recon was necessary, so we slinked into the bedroom to find out what was going on, only to discover that Mommy The Evil Genius had already packed a SMALLER suit-em-up case, rather than the big one Daddy brought in for her. We'd been staking out the wrong suit-em-up case all along! Dang it!

So now, Mommy's bags were packed, and we had nothing else to do but sit in her lap and hope to be cute enough to keep her home with us. But alas, it didn't work.

But... I did manage to sneak a spy into her bag, so I'd know exactly what went on while they were on vacation...

You're a good soldier, Sargeant Squirrel.


  1. Our sympathies, Scooter! We hate those suitcases too! And we don't think bringing in the decoy was very fair.

  2. Oh how funny! We don't have to worry about that because Momma NEVER goes anywhere! Well, she hasn't yet. Hmmmmmm, maybe we'd better put a plan in place just in case. We'll study your ideas some more!


  3. We could definitely use some of your strategies around here, Scooter!

    We're sorry that your Mom and Dad are going away but, you'll most likely get tons of treats when they get back!

  4. We tried sitting on our mommy's suit-em-up case too but it didn't work for us either. But at least Daddy stayed home to give us treats. We hope your pawrents give you lots of toys and treats for having to stay home alone!