Friday, July 10, 2009

She Caught Me!

As you guys know, I love to play with my good best pal, Squirrel, on a regular basis. However, since Mommy and Daddy got their movie-star camera, I've had to try and be sneaky about my playtime with Squirrel, since they're constantly pointing that camera at me and trying to make me look silly.

Well, Daddy managed to get a video of me playing with Squirrel the other day, and Mom's been dying to share it with you. Here it is!

**Warning: If you are drinking a beverage at this moment, you may choose to swallow it before pushing play, as the laughter resulting from this video may cause you to shoot said beverage from your nose.***

For those who might want to see the video, but can't watch it just yet (you know who are, those of you who read Kronicles while at work! Tee hee!) Here's the link to the video:


  1. Haha! Mom watched it at work but she'll watch it again at home later. She loved the butt-wiggle launch!

  2. Ha ha ha! You can tell he just couldn't resist even though the camera was running. My favorite part was "Oh, my chin itches right now!" - that happens around here all the time!

  3. Well, thank goodness I wasn't drinking anything while watching! For a minute there I thought Scooter was going for your foot, Abby :)
    Great vid!

  4. Youz is some kewel cat when youz is playin'! Our momma didn't drink nuttin' an' itz a good thing she didn't☺

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