Thursday, July 9, 2009

We Invented a New Game!!!

See....Harry gets on one side of the door...

And I get on the other side of the door....

And we try to swat each other's paws underneath the door! It's called the "Swat Harry's Paw Under the Door and Make Lotsa Noise So Mom Can't Sleep Game."

What fun!!!!!

Scoot, I think what you need is a new toy.

No way, Mom! This new game is the ultimate in funness!!! But if you wanted to get me a
Fat Fish toy from the Casbah Kitten, I wouldn't complain!!!!


  1. Ahahaha. You guys are so much fun! But hey...give your mommy a break once in a while!

    Gotta check out that Fat Fish Toy now.

    your buddy Sammy

  2. This looks quieter than Tasha's "Scratch on Any Door Continuously Any Time The Humans Shut One" game - but we bet it's still pretty noisy!

    P.S. We made our mom feel so bad about working overtime that she ordered us toys from Casbah Kitten (they are having a great summer sale too!) Guilt really works!

  3. Oh yeah, The Fat Goldfish would definitely be fun! Although, we put the Pickle toy on our list...but that game looks fun, yeah!

  4. Hey guys, we think ALL our toys are fun! But then, we play with dead things and rocks too.... That door game looks like lots of fun, I think we'll try that tonight. We usually play Cattle Stampede when Momma goes to bed but it's time to try something different. Have you ever tried Cattle Stampede?