Monday, August 31, 2009

Finding Ways to Become Un-Bored

It's been rainin' a LOT here lately. That makes me wanna nap a lot and it can be boring. But to make things a lil' more excitin', Mom and Dad have been getting a lot of packages lately.

And packages mean just one thing to me.

Ways to become un-bored.

Fur instance, there's always the ever-fun hide-and-seek game involving the boxes that the packages come in. I figured Mom and Dad would NEVER find me, but something gave me away. Not sure what, I'm a pretty good hider.

And let's not forget my brand-new favorite game....Makin'-a-Fort-Outta-Weird-Poppy-Paper! This game is great fun!! You can pretend you're a mountain lion livin' in a cave, or the first mancat astronaut on the moon, or an Orange-Floofed Apache Cat hanging out in your Teepee.

What do you do on rainy days to make yourself un-bored?


  1. We do 'bout the same thing on raining days 'cept we also cuddle lots with momma when she sits down and makes a lap!

  2. We like boxes and poppy-paper too! Although we've never tried the mountain lion game...we will next time!

  3. We've never had poppy-paper, that looks like fun! We love boxes too, aren't they the best? One game we like to play is "race through the house at top speed and see how many pieces of furniture you can go over without breaking stuffs"

  4. We've never played with poppy-paper but we want some now! We do love boxes too!

  5. Tasha and Dobby like to eat poppy paper so our mom takes it away from us! But it looks like so much fun. We like the brown paper that comes inside some boxes too (and of course, we love boxes!)