Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chore-Bore No More!

My Mom and Dad spent most of the weekend away. Mom said it was "Lay-Bore" day, and she was going to go have pickanicks with her family. Everyday is about laying around here, so that's exactly what me and my brofurs did. But when Mom got home and saw how messy the house was, she declared today "Chore Day."

Mom says Chores are a Bore. She doesn't like doing them, ESPECIALLY washing dishes and folding socks. But, she rolled up her sleeves and said, "Scooter, I've got some work to do."

So, rather than nap through Chores likes I usually do, I decided to see what I could do to help.

First she washed dishes. That involves water, which I do not like, so I sat at her feets and watched.

Mom's right. Dishes are boring. Next we washed and folded laundry. Now that kinda Chore is more my speed!!!! The nice clean clothes make a pretty sweet nap-spot...

And those hang-ar thingys are SUPER-FUN to play with!! 'Specially when Mom waggles them around in my face and I get to swat at them. Gee, Mom, why do you think Laundry is a Boring Chore??? It's not, it's a Super-Fun Game!!!

Finally, it was time to make the bed. Personally, I don't understand why my purrents need to make the bed, 'specially since we just get right back under the covers every night time. But, Mom said it needed to be done. So...she took her time and got the covers spread just right....except....What's that lump under there??

Oh wait...that's me! Hee hee!!

See, it's easy to make Chores more fun---just turn them into a game!! Now, Mom's gonna wanna do Chores all the time!!!


  1. Haha! My cats always help me make the bed, too... You look very cute in there! :)

  2. How nice you were to help your Mommy with her chores! We like to nap on the laundry too but we're not as helpful around the house as you are.

  3. These photos of you are so cute - we especially love the last one. We always help make the bed too! And we love to do laundry.

  4. Our Mom says that she would do more chores if she had a cute helper like you, Scooter!

  5. The Woman at my house says the bed is not made correctly until you can stand back and see a big lump in the middle of it. Good job!