Saturday, September 5, 2009

Is it Halloween Yet?

Mom reminded me the other day that Halloween is just around the corner, and it may be a good idea for me to start thinking 'bout what I wanna be. Hmmm.....

Dad suggested I be a yoga instructor, because I'm always finding fun new poses to try out during my daily "work-outs."

Mom suggested that I be a "sec-re-terry" because I enjoy helping her with work so much.

But guys, I think I wanna be...well, I think it would cool...Yeah, I wanna be a TRANSFORMER!!!!

That would be the awesomest Halloween costume EVER, dontcha think???


  1. I vote for the Transformer! That would be SO cool!! I didn't know we get to dress up for Halloween....(Alice jumps up and down)...I wanna be a Ballerinacowgirlprincesscosmonautrockstar!


  2. That is the bestest costume every Scooter!

  3. A Transformer would be so cool! What would your name be do you think?