Thursday, January 28, 2010

Daddy's Nose is Broke

So Daddy came home the other day with a big blue box (more on that later) and pulls out this alien-lookin', noise-makin', water-shootin' thing.

It's called a hoo-middy-frier.

Mom says: "Humidifier, sweetie."

Right, that's what I said, hoo-middy-frier.

Anyways, so I asks Daddy what this thingy is for, and he says it's to help him because his nose is broke and sometimes in the mornings he gets nosebleeds and stuffs, and this hoo-middy-frier shoots steam into the air so he doesn't dry out.


Honestly, the box the hoo-middy-frier came in was more interestin'. Although, the blue kinda clashes with my orange floof....

It sure does look nice with my handsome, manly pink nose.

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