Monday, January 11, 2010

The FACE of FatKats

So, you may wonder sometimes why I, Scooter, am the face and voice behind FatKats. As you can see from the newest addition to our blog (the staff buttons Mommy made yesterday---they're WAAAY over there, see??? --->) we have a four-kitty household. So...why don't we hear from Dizzy or Harry or Pip?

Mommy tried to interview Dizzy about this very subject this morning, but he wasn't being very cooperative...

Right. See? Camera shy. Weirdo. Compare that to THIS:

***Angels sing, the sun shines down and flowers rain from the sky....**

I mean, really. Is there any real comparison? I'm purrfect in everyway. I'm adorable and I take pretty pictures and I'm funny and I'm a HUNDRED times better than Dizzy....

Mom: Scooter. That's not nice. Your brother is also very adorable and quite photogenic...See?

Mom: Awwww....

But...but Mom....Well, yeah, I guess he's pretty cute in a purely big brother kind of way. But does that mean I don't gets to blog no more, Mom?

Mom: Of COURSE not, Scoot. You can blog whenever you want. But maybe...if we can convince your brothers...they might like to start blogging, too! Would that be okay with you?

I GUESS I can share, Mom. So long as I am still the center of attention, always.

Mom: It's nearly impossible for you not to be the center of attention, baby boy. You're too cute to be ignored!

**Scooter grins.**


  1. I get a lot of heat from Deli because I post too much, but it's for the same reason as you, Scooter! I LOVE the camera!

  2. We thinks that maybe the two of you should collaborate on your bloggy posts. You know, two heads are betters than one☺