Thursday, January 14, 2010

Professional Bird Watchin'

So, we were checkin' in with all our bloggy furriends this morning when we came across the most INNNTerestin' blog. Our pals Jane and Alice over at The Casbah Kitten were talkin' all about the birdies that fly around in their garden.

Well that got me thinkin'. See, we don't really has a garden, but we do has a window that overlooks a big green grassy knoll. And we has some birdie friends that have been living there for 2 winters now. Mommy is always sayin, "Scooter, I need to look up those birdies on the innernets and find out what they are."

'Cept she never did.

But Jane and Alice's blog got Mommy in the bird watchin' mood, and it turns out, our birdie neighbors are called Killdeers, or Chattering Plovers. (Mommy prefers the plover name, cuz killin' Bambi isn't nice.)

They are shore birds, 'cept they don't have to live near the shore. They like living where we live, too. They are funny little guys who bop around the yard with a funny little walk. Mom says they're very brave...she and Daddy have walked right up on the knoll to get a closer look at them, and they just sorta look up at them and tweet.

Of course, that's not MY definition of brave. If it were me, I'd stalk up on them like a ferocious mancat and tackle their ankles.

But that's just me.

Mom found this great website that told us allllllll about the killdeer, and what they like to eat, and how they like to play. It was all very innnteresstin'....but I'm really more happy to lay in the window and watch them myself. That's why I'm a professional bird watcher.

PS: Be sure and visit The Casbah's our FAVORITE blog!

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