Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Adventures of Supa Kitteh versus the FatKat Coalition of Evil, Part 2

We left our hero, Supa Kitteh, in the clutches of the evil Orange Goblin. It looks like doom for him! Except....wait! Is it? Could it be?.....

It's Supa Kitteh's faithful, if somewhat confused, sidekick,
The Addled Avenger!!!

He's just in time to save the day!

Oh NO! Look out Supa Kitteh and Addled Avenger---here comes TROUBLE!! It's The Fuzzy Hulk and The Orange Goblin again!


  1. Things just keep on getting worse for Supa Kitteh. It looks like the Addled Avenger hasn't been much help!

  2. Oh noes! It looks like the Fuzzy Hulk put Supa Kitteh in the Armpit of Doom! Ha Ha Ha! It sure looks like you boys are enjoying the new toy.

  3. Awww...poor Pip, er, I mean, Supa Kitteh!
    I'll send Sammy over for back up :)