Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Pip!!

It's PARTY TIME at our house today!!!! It's Pip's 8th Birthday! So don your silly hats, grab your noisemakers, and let's celebrate Pip!

Eight years ago, my husband and I brought home the teeniest, tiniest black and white tuxedo cat in the whole world. When I say he was teeny, I'm not exaggerating. His teenyness allowed him to fall asleep in the strangest of the drawer of the kitchen hutch, curled up underneath a throw pillow, even on top of the computer monitor!

Most people who see Pip now don't believe for a second that he was the runt of his litter, and that he started out so tiny in this world. Here's photographic proof that we're not lying---at one point he was, in fact, smaller than Dizzy! :0)

Despite his stature, it soon became very apparent that Pip's personality was larger than life! His funny facial expressions, un-cat-like clumsiness, and silly antics proved that he was meant to be a Chamberlain from the very beginning.

And even though he's always managed to keep us laughing, Pip is also very loyal, loving, and has a huge heart. Pip first welcomed Eddie, and then little Scooter, into our family, and is always first in line for a good kitty snuggle.

Pip is a very special kitty, to us and all who love him! Happy Birthday, Pippers!! We'll be celebrating later with "tooter fish" and presents! :0)


  1. Happy (belated) Birthday, Pip!!! You and I could be brothers - we look so alike :) I'm two years younger than you, but I was already big when Mommy and Daddy rescued me!

    so, what's up with your Mom? It's been all quiet on the (blog)front lately! My Mommy send her best wishes...

    many purrs,