Monday, May 17, 2010

Scoo-Tar, A.K.A, ROCKSTAR!

My furriends, Jane and Alice from The Casbah Kitten, must think I'm a rockstar, cuz they sent me an AWESOME ice-blue electric guitar toy to test for their shop! So now, I will talk like a rockstar from now on, cuz I am officially a rockstar with my very own guitar.


DUDE. Check out my HOT new instrument, yo!

Sweeeeeeeeet. It plays some pretty rockin' tunes, man.

And you know that rockstars have to pose for posters and magazine covers and stuff, too, right? Here's my best pic from yesterday's photo shoot.

Handsome, right? And check this out....Even my bass player, Harry, likes my new guitar.....he can shred, dude!

Here's a picture of my roadie, Pip, makin' sure my awesome new guitar is taken care of while we're on tours:

Rockin'. That's the whole gang, man. We're so awesome, we're total rockstars, we....

DUUUUUUDE!?!? Who put the picture of the groupie up?? Man, that's totally lame, that's really...

Mom: Scooter, I think you've taken your rockstar fantasy far enough.

But, but, Mom....I'm just showing off my awesome new toy from Alice and Jane.

Mom: Yes, but you're being rude to your brother.

Maaaaaaaan. Ok, fine... Sorry...Dizzy....

Mom: Now, do you want to show the people the video of your concert?

Oh BOY! Do I ever!! I wanna be a famous rockstar!

Ahem...please ignore the high-pitched voices of the humans in the background. They're not as cool as Rockstar Scoo-Tar.

Mom: SCOOT....

Sorry, Mom, sorry..... Here's my video, guys! Enjoy! And thanks to Alice and Jane of The Casbah Kitten for this AWESOME toy! I'm gonna watch my movie, then I'm gonna go shred some more tunes!!!! DUUUUUUDE!

Mom: *Snort, giggle, snort.*


  1. Wow, Scooter, you and Harry really ARE shredders! We have guitars here, but they are so-called "real" ones and they are not anywhere near as much fun.

    Our tests with our toy will be up on Thursday. We have lots of pics, but my human is hoping to get some video too - paws crossed!

  2. Hi Scooter (and gang), We KNEW you'd be purrfect for testing the guitar!! Love that vid! Looks like it got a thorough testing. . . thanks SO much!!

  3. lol!!

    CUUUUTE pics!! what a great photo shoot!