Friday, June 11, 2010

Behind the Scenes of the FatKat Comics

Happy Friday, everybuddy!! We've gotten so much awesome feedback from our comic books--thanks, guys! Mom says there's a lot that goes into each edition, and she wanted to share some behind-the-scenes stuffs with ya. Just like the extras on the end of a DVD, huh, Mom?

MOM: That's right, Scooter! I just thought some of our human readers might get a kick out of seeing some of the pictures and things that DIDN'T go into our comics, Rockstar, Supa Kitteh and Inspector Scooter. Sometimes, our leading man-cat isn't up to cooperating for his photo shoots. Take this picture for example...Our Rockstar, sleepin' on the job:

Oh, c'mon, Mom. Being a Rockstar is HARD works. I REALLY needed that nap.

MOM: Yes, honey, I'm sure you did. You're not always so willing to participate in the necessary photo shoots for the comics, though. Of course, I DID wake you up from a nap in order to get some shots for the Inspector Scooter comic, and you can definitely tell that here:

*Snort.* Yeah, if that picture had a cap-shun Mom, it would say, "Mom, did you seriously just wake me up for this cuz I was nappin' hard and now here I am, in a strange place under a BLANKET instead of in my comfy spot in the sunshine in the living room where I WAS sleepin' before you woke me up.....

MOM: Ahem.

Oh. Sorry Mom. That's sort of a long cap-shun, huh?

MOM: Maybe it should just say "Diva-cat at work."

Diva-cat? Isn't that for girls?

MOM: Anyway, sometimes the boys are more than willing to participate in photo fact, sometimes they get TOO comfy with my ideas for a shot. For instance, I knew it would be easy to get Scooter to "look" for the missing floof in the ottoman, because anytime we open the lid, he's ALWAYS up for some snoopervision. After I took the shot of him peeking inside, I took my camera, came to the computer, and sat down to get to work. About an hour later, I found our Investigator and Sir Pip in a most compromising position:

The Ott-O-Mon is the awesomest place for a nap, EVER, Mom.

MOM: They stayed in there for the rest of the afternoon. I just didn't have the heart to run them out so I could shut the lid. *Giggle.* So there you go, folks, a quick behind-the-scenes look at the shots that DIDN'T make the cut for the FatKat Comics. Here's hoping that another good idea strikes me soon!

Yeah, Mom. Those comics are FUN!!

Have a good weekend everybuddy! We're takin' the weekend off cuz it's our Mommy's birfday and we've gotta bake HER a tooter-fish birfday cake!!! BYE!


  1. Happy Birthday, Mom!
    We love the behind the scenes tell-all.
    Save us a slice of tooter-fish cake. mmmm, would that have salmon cream cheese frosting?

  2. Happy Purrthday to the Mom!

    We really enjoy your comics and it's so neat to see the behind the scenes stuff!!

  3. Thanks for letting us know about the things we didn't see (you know how snoopy us cats are!) Our mom says that doing things like your comics is a lot of work - and that your mom is very talented.

    We hope the Mom has a wonderful birthday!

  4. A Mom's job is never done!! What a lot of work. Hope she has a wonderful borthday with lots of snuggles and yummy cake!

  5. Wow...alotta work goes into those comics!!

    Happy Birthday to your mom!!

  6. We love your comics! I hope your mom gets a big birthday cake made up of her favorite stinky goodness!

  7. We KNOW doing those comics has to be a lot of work! We love your mom for doing it, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Enjoy your weekend y'all!

  8. Happy birthday to your mom!

    We have fun making comics, too, but we cheat and use Photoshop!