Saturday, June 5, 2010

Busy Weekend

It's Caturday!! YAY for that! Mom says we gots LOTSA stuff to do this watch the birdies outside.....

And pick the tommie-toes from our garden..... (Mom: That would be tomatoes, Scooter.) That's right, tommie-toes.

And we gotta do some more bird watching....

Not to mention nappin', sleepin', snugglin', and of course, loungin'.

OH!! And Thursday was our Grammy's birfday! Mom says she's gonna go over to Grammy and Pop's house tomorrow to cook Grammy a yummy dinner, and maybe even bake her a special birfday cake! Is it gonna be a tooter fish birfday cake, Mom?

Um, no, Scoot. That would be icky. Grammy really likes Chocolate, though, so I'll probably make a Chocolate cake of some kind.

Man. She'd like a tooter fish cake better. And don't forget to take her a catnip toy! That's what WE gets on our birfdays.

Ok, Scooter. I won't forget. *snort*

♥♥ HAPPY BIRFDAY GRAMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥

Scooter whispers: Mom, that kitten in that picture isn't nearly as cute as me. Why can't you work your computer magic and make a picture of ME holding a cupcake for Grammy? What? You're busy?? How can you be too busy to make me hold a cupcake adorably? Mom? MOM???

Oh well. Sigh.


  1. tooter fish cake! MOL! Scooter, you crack us up.

  2. Your human has it all wrong with the cake for your Grammy. I think she would like salmon cupcakes even more than a chocolate cake. I hope I've posted my comment in time to save your human from making a Big Mistake!!

  3. We are licking our lips thinking of tooter fish cake. How come humans eat such weird things sometimes?

  4. Hi Scoot! We have tommie-toes in OUR garden too!! Only ours aren't ripe yet. We hope you have a great Sunday watching the birds. . . oh, and Happy Birfday Scooter's Grammy!!