Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday School With Mom

Today, my Mom says we're going to have school. I'm not sure why we're having school, since we've never played school before, but Mom says she has something really cool she wants to teach me about. So, let's hear it, Mom. Let's play school.

Mom: Scooter, do you remember a couple of weeks ago, when Daddy took the suitcase and I told you he was flying to San Diego for the weekend?

You mean when he was gone furever and ran away from home? And you said he was going there in a big machine that flies in the sky? (Yeah right, Mom...I'm not STOOPID....*snort*.)

Mom: (Note to self, lesson in airplanes for next Friday.) Yes, Scooter, that's what I'm talking about. Did you know that while Daddy was in San Diego, he went to the San Diego Zoo?

Like the zoo you and Daddy go to in Columbia, Mom? With birds and tigers and giraffys?

Mom: Yes, but MUCH MUCH bigger. Daddy saw lots of amazing animals while he was in San Diego and I'd like to show you a video he took of one in particular. Would you like to see it?

Oh BOY, Mom! You never said school was just like movie time! Let's see it, let's see it!!

WOW! What kinda mancat is THAT, Mom???

Mom: That's a snowy leopard, Scooter. He's bigger than you and all three of your brothers put together! Isn't he handsome?

Well, I guess he's pretty good-lookin'. I mean, not as good-lookin' as me. Maybe more along the lines of good-lookin' like Pip. Or Dizzy.

Mom: He's handsome in a different way. You're still Mommy's handsome little Scooter-Pooter. *Pats Scooter on the head.*

Aw GEE, Mom, now I'm embarassed.

Mom: Don't be. Ok, let's continue with the lesson. Why do you think he's pacing back and forth like that, Scooter?

DUH, Mom. It's cuz he wants scritches under his chin. Or maybe tooter fish. Do leopards eat tooter fish, Mom?

Mom: It would take a LOT of tooter fish to fill this guy up. In the wild, snowy leopards hunt animals, some as big as twice their size! At the San Diego Zoo, they feed most of their big cats a carnivore diet.

Car-Nee-Vorr. Interrestin', Mom. What does that mean? They eat cars?

Mom: No silly---they mostly eat ground beef, beef hearts, and frozen rabbits.

I'd rather have tooter fish.

Mom: *Giggle.* Maybe you can have some tooter fish tonight for being such a good student today.

AWESOME!! I learned all about snowy leopards, AND I got to watch a cool movie, AND I get to have tooter fish for dinner! Can we have school every Friday, Mom?????

Mom: SURE! :0) If any of your bloggy friends would like to learn more about the snowy leopard, they can click HERE to visit the San Diego Zoo website.

Very smart, Mom. I'm gonna go pretend to be a snowy leopard now, Mom.


Happy Friday, everybody!!

If you can't see the video, click HERE to go directly to YouTube!


  1. The Snowy Leopards are beautiful!

    We have a question: Tooter fish? Do they make you poot? Inquiring Cats want to know!

  2. What a cool snowy leopard! We like all kind of fishies to eat.