Monday, June 28, 2010

House Guests and Baby Pictures

Mom says to say SORRY for not being around too much the past few days. We're havin' COMPANY for a couple of weeks soon, and she and Dad have been movin' a whole buncha stuff around tryin' to get ready. So today's post won't be too long, and we're not sure how much we'll be back before July 11, but we'll try to peek in every now and then to see what's going on in your worlds.

The FUN part of the story is, though, that Mom bought some cool picture frames and she thought it would be nifty to put kitten pictures of us in them, so she can look at our cute kitten faces everyday, too, not just our handsome adult ManCat faces. So she thought she'd share those pictures with you!! ENJOY!


  1. Squeeeeee! You guys were SO CUTE!!!! But then, seeing how handsome you are now....that's kinda logical. Enjoy your company and be sure to share lots of furs so they can take some home on their clothes.

  2. What cute photos! I was probably about Harry's age when my human brought me home - a little past the tiny kitten stage.