Thursday, June 3, 2010

Introducin' Mom's Garden!

Our Mom's got a lot of hobbies. She makes her jewelries, and she writes her bloggies, and she cleans our litter boxes, and she plays on the innernets. But guess what--our Mom has a NEW hobby!

Mom decided this year she was going to have her very first garden!!!

COOL! Mom says our garden is a little different than a lot of gardens. See, we don't have our own yard. And the grasses and dirts that live outside our house get treated with a lot of icky stuff to kill the bugs dead. So she didn't want to grow anything out of those dirts. So instead, she decided to grow the plants outta pots and containers. Isn't it nifty? From left to right, we've got dill, green leaf lettuces, basil, marigolds (I like them best, cuz they're orange like ME!), BIG cherry tomato plants, lemon thyme, coreopsis, and CATNIP!!!!!


Ok, ok. I'm calm again.

So the coolest part about Mom putting in a garden is she ALSO has a big cucumber plant. But it's growing out of this turvy-swurvy thing, like you see on tv:

Mom: Aw, Scooter--you like the cucumber plant? Look how big it's gotten! Why, just two weeks ago....

NO, Mom, no. I mean, it's cool or whatever, but I'm much more interested in what you've got hanging from the pole thingy that the cucumber plant is hangin' on!


All us cats are learning how to be bird watchers. So far, we've seen house finches, cardinals, blue jays, mourning doves, and one very special red-headed woodpecker. Bird watchin' is the most fun job we've ever had. ('Cept for bloggin.)

I'll leave you with the promise of future garden blogs, and a short video of our house finch friends! Have an awesome Thursday! BYE!

If you don't see the video above, click HERE to go right to it!


  1. We like your mom's garden! Our mom says container gardening can be really fun (except for the watering part!) And we LOVE the house finch video - we have a lot of those guys around here too.

  2. Woohoo! You guys got a feathered buffet! Our Mommy's Mom does a lot of container gardening and her stuff is Good.
    And CATNIP! Nothing better than fresh nip. Nothing!

  3. Hi ya, Scooter! It's nice to meet you! Your mom's container garden sure looks nice!! And you got a birdie feeder too??!? That should keep you entertained for hours!!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  4. Hi Scoot! Sorry we're so slow commenting but Momma won't let us use the computer when it's storming. It's the ONLY rule we follow. We like your mom's garden! We have a rosemary plant in a pot, and geraniums and this fall we'll have a 'salad tub' that we can turn into a mini greenhouse! And your bird feeders ROCK...and CATNIP!! You guys are doin' alright. **high five**