Monday, June 14, 2010

Mom got PURResents!!!!

Yesterday was our Mommy's birfday!! She got lots of purresents, too!!! Nothing particularly awesome, like our Rockstar Guitar or a catnip cake, but she did get some neat things. Like this bamboo arrangements from my super-fans Sam and Ray:

And she got this really heavy rock thing from Mimi.

MOM: It's a mortar and pestle, sweetie. So I can ground up your catnip once it's dried.

COOL!! She also got that jug of stuff in the background...cucumber lemonade. And a big bottle of brown stuff. What is it, Mom?

MOM: It's Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka. Mixed with the cucumber lemonade, it makes Mommy's favorite cocktail---Crazy Arnolds!!!

What's vodka, Mom?

MOM: It's like catnip in liquid form. For people.


Mommy also got a pretty candle from HER mommy....

But the BESTEST purresent our Mom got was this awesome blue cat bed, just for US!!! Grammy said she thought Mom would like it cuz it's blue, and cuz of what the fabric says....

I just like it cuz it's PRIMO for hide-and-seek games!!!


PS: Mom changed my signature---what do you guys think???


  1. Those are a lot of nice presents, but the cat bed is the best one of all! You know the old saying: Happy cat, happy human!

  2. Happy Purrthday to your mom! Wow, she got some really cool gifts!

    Love the new signature!

  3. Really awesome gifts!

    We just wanted to let your Mom know, the Lucky Bamboo is not actually Bamboo, it is Draecaena sanderiana and it is toxic to cats. Just so she knows to keep it out of reach from you guys!

  4. Your mom got some GREAT presents....but we agree, the cat bed has to be the best one. As long as she doesn't drink too much vodka and try to nap in the cat bed!!! And we love the new's FUN!

  5. Nice gifts!! We didn't know about that not being babboo! We had one and Banshee tried to eat it!

    The PM says she will have to try that drink! Sounds luscious.

  6. Happy Birthday to your Mom!

    Our Mommy would like one of those Crazy Arnolds! She's gonna Google it for directions.

    Nice Cat bed...and signature. Scooter, any more mysteries?

  7. Wow! You mom got some great birthday gifts!! Happy Birthday to her!!