Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mom's Future Career

Hey gang! Scooter here! I got to thinkin' today about Mom's "Maybe Job" in the future. See, she's talking about going to get her teaching license so she can be a Teacher to little humans. I mean, that's all fine and dandy or whatever, but I think she should consider being a Comic Book Writer Person. I mean, she did write all those super-cool comics lately with me in them, like The Adventures of Supa Kitteh and Inspector Scooter. Right?? So let's ask her. Mom!! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Hey Mom?

MOM: Yes, Scooter?

Mom, so, I was tellin' the peoples that you should be a Comic Book Writer Person when you grow up. What do you think??

MOM: Well, Scoot....I'm not very good at drawing.

PSHAW, Mom. Let's see what you've got!! Look, I'll even stand REEEEEEEEAL still so you can draw a picture of me. Ok????

MOM: Well, okay, Scoot. I guess I can give it a shot..........*Scribble, Scribble*..........Okay, Scoot, what do you think???

......... ........... ............. So GUESS WHAT, you guys! Mom's gonna be a TEACHER!!!

MOM: *face palm*



  1. Maybe she can just write the comic books and someone else can draw them?

    Come to think of it, my human remembers that her fifth grade teacher wrote comic strips for fun, as cards for her friends and family. And my human was one of the school's artistic talents, so she had her illustrate them. So what did my human do with all her artistic talent? She became a writer!

  2. We agree with Sparkle - lots of comic book artists need writers! But we think your mom would be a great teacher too - that is, if she can stand being around little beans all day (we think that's really hard!)

  3. Hey....maybe she can TEACH little beans by using comics? You know...make all the boring stuff they have to learn more fun. We think she can do it!

  4. We think your Mom should teach ART!
    heh heh...