Monday, June 21, 2010

Super Model Pip

So, Mom thought it was about time we told you guys about Pip's diet. Back in January, Mom and Dad loaded Pip into the dreaded blue box and took Pip to the doctor for his yearly check-up. The doctor said Pip was getting too F-A-T, and that we had to start feedin' him some special food. It's called r/d:

Well, Pip must really like the r/d, cuz he eats it real good, and Mom and Dad found out a couple of weeks ago that Pip's already lost five whole pounds!!!!

PIP: Yep. It's good. I'm skinny.

SCOOTER: Pip, you'd better be careful with poses like that. Mommy's gonna wave her magic 'puter wand and make you look silly if you pose like that!!!


SCOOTER: BWA-HAHAhahahahahahahHAHAHAhahahaha....

PIP: What? I'm sexy.



  1. Wow, we are really impressed! Five pounds is a LOT for a cat. You are lookin' good, Pip. And we like the beach graphic too!

  2. Yes you are, Pip!!

    I'll let you in on a secret...I'm on a d-i-e-t too :(

    purrs from Sammy

  3. Oh wow, concatulations to Pip on the weight loss! That is pawsome!

    Love the beachy graphic, too cute!

  4. Wow, that diet food works! Great work on the weight loss, Pip!

  5. Ha ha ha! Love the coconut bra!! Congrats on the weight loss Pip. We think you're sexy too.