Sunday, June 20, 2010

To Dad, With Purrs

Fanks, Dad. Fanks for always bein' there when we need a snuggle....

And fanks for teachin' us hows to play video games....

Fanks, Dad, for always knowin' when it's naptime....

And fanks for always sharin' your side of the bed, even when you only have a sliver of room left for yourself, and you're twisted into shapes sorta like a pretzel, but you don't move cuz you don't want to disturb our rests...

But most of all, fanks for bein' our dad, Dad.

Happy Father's Day!!!! Want some tooter fish???



  1. Happy Fathers Day! Your Daddy sounds like a gem of a Dad! We love the pictures of the napping kittens & Dad...sweet.

  2. Happy Father's Day to your daddy! Those pictures are absolutely precious!!!

  3. OMG! What cute pictures! That last one is priceless. You guys have a cool dad and we hope he enjoyed his special day.