Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Toy Repair Tuesday

Er. Em. Ok. Ahem. This is Harry reporting for Scooter on the FatKat's blog. Yeah. That's right. Harry.

MOM: Honey, it's ok. I know you've never blogged before, but you'll be FINE. Don't worry so much! Just tell the readers your story.

Sure. Yeah. Ok, Mom. My story. Ahem.

So, anyways, this is Harry, NOT Scooter. And I want to tell you what happened. See, a couple of weeks ago, we got this AWESOME toy. I think it was supposed to be for Scooter to test, see, but, well, as it turns out, the Rockstar Guitar is, like, the one coolest thing I've ever seen, ever. So, like, it became MY toy. Right? Right Mom?

MOM: That's right, honey. You play with it all the time, and sometimes you even sleep with it! Why, just the other day, I watched you take it away from Scooter!

Well, DUH, Mom. It's MINE. MY guitar. Anyways, so, naturally, as you can tell from my pictures, I'm a little on the husky side. You know. Like. I'm a big boy, or whatever. So, when I play with the guitar, I sometimes get a little rough. Ok, kinda more than a little rough. Ok, fine, a LOT rough. And as it turns out, I sorta kicked it with my hind feets too hard, and I blew out the back panel on my awesome Rockstar Guitar.

OH. Man. Even the pictures make me feel a little green, Mom. It was such a sad day. My. Poor. Guitar. *Pout.*

But, see, what happened was, Mom, being the awesome Mom that she is, decided she was going to fix my super-awesome guitar so I could play with it some more. Mom doesn't really know how to sew too good, but she can do a few basic repairs. So, she whipped out some black thread and a sewing needle, and she sewed up my guitar for me!!

YES! Thanks Mom.

Ok. I'm done blogging now. I'm gonna go play with my guitar. This has been Harry for Scooter on the FatKats blog. Uh...erm....well....ok. Harry, out.


MOM: If you'd like your very own rockstar guitar, you can get one from the Casbah Kitten on Etsy! It's our most-favorite toy shop!!


  1. That is pretty impressive, Harry! (and you did a great job for your first blog post!) We have never ever been able to rip a Casbah Kitten toy - and not for lack of trying! Glad your mom was able to fix it up.

    P.S. We hear human rock stars do this to their guitars too.

  2. Hm. That seemed to take a lot less work than when a guitar around here breaks! My human's boyfriend has to break out all sorts of tools and soldering irons and stuff. I didn't know they could be fixed with a thread and needle.

  3. Wow Harry! You must have one AWESOME kick. Your guitar is certainly getting a lot of wear. But that's great that your mom was able to fix it for you. Since you're such a strong guy, what do you think you could do to a denim toy??