Monday, July 12, 2010

No More Visitors

Hi everbuddy!! We're back from our "staycation." Mom and Dad had some visitors last week, and they brought teeny little human beans with them. Baby beans are loud. And grabby. And kinda cute...not mancat flooftastic cute, but human bean with messy faces cute.

Harry and Dizzy weren't so keen on the little beans, but Pip really liked them cuz they drop their food on the floors a lot. And MY job was to snoopervise and make sure everbuddy was A-OK.

Baby beans also come with lots of "ak-sess-o-ries." Just LOOK at the mess they made in our living room!

BUT---one major plus about the baby beans---they have SUPER fun toys, like these awesome Super-Sonic Laser-Beam Mancat-Goggles I found! Lookie!

MOM: Honey, those aren't Super-Sonic Laser-Beam Mancat-Goggles. They're Mr. Potato Head's glasses. See?

Whatever, Mom. Whatever.



  1. We're all pretty skeered of baby beans! Our mom has a nephew who is 2 and he chases us around the house when he comes over. We hide!

  2. We had a sticky person here three weeks ago and she latched onto Salem's tail! The nerve. We hope all your tails are OK and still atttached.

    Those are some cool spectacles, we bet they would help you doing any detecting that might come up.

  3. I'm never around human kittens, so I'm a little suspicious of them. But now that you've mentioned that they drop food where kitties can conveniently eat it and come with cat toys, I may have to rethink my position.

  4. We bet you had fun with the little beans! And Scooter....if those were Mr. Potato Head's glasses, they'd be on his face wouldn't they? NOT on the floor. So they MUST BE super sonic lazer beam Mancat goggles!!!!

  5. We have never seen baby beans, but they look like they might be fun! long as they know how to open the treat bag, that is.

  6. We have never actually met a baby bean but we have read a lot of stories - it sounds like your meeting with them went very well, which is good. We have heard horror stories and are glad this wasn't one of them!