Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Mischief

My Mommy says that Santa Paws can see everything. She says that Santa is always watchin', and that if I'm a bad little Scooter, that I won't get no tooterfish in my stockin' on Kwismas mornin'. According to My Mommy, these are the things I'm not supposed to do if I want to get tooterfish for Kwismas:

1. Chew on the Kwismas tree (including all it's parts...tree skirt, branches, and ornaments.)
2. Beat up on my brofurs, Dizzy, Harry and Pip
3. Climb up on the bookcase in Mommy's bedroom and knock stuff over at 2 a.m.
4. Knock over Dad's robots
5. Climb into the Kwismas tree from the all-too-convenient windowsill access point.

Ummm....does this mean Santa Paws isn't comin' to visit this year?



  1. Of course he will! What else is he gonna do with 983 cans of tooterfish?

    We think this Sandy Claws thing is a scam to get us to straighten up and fly right. So pay NO attention to your Mom and climb that tree!

  2. Hello there Scooter!
    You look so adorable peeking out from inside that Kwismas tree that Santa Paws will surely furgive all of your mischief...:)

    many purrs and hugs,
    Sammy =^.^= & his mom Duni

  3. Scooter, you need to read my post tomorrow (Sunday) about good kitties... but make sure your human does not look!

  4. Scooter..Santa would never forget you!

    (AND I love that beautiful jeweled garland, did Mommy make it? Me LOVES it!)

  5. Hi Scooter! Sorry we are so slow visiting! We hope that Santa came by and that you had a very happy, fun, Merry Christmas! We think that going in the tree is ok and well, the other stuff on the list is ok too!